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Are You Conducting A Thorough Rigging Analysis?

When is the last time you actually did a rigging analysis during your lifting operations? Proper rigging is so much more than throwing a sling around a load and saying, “It will fly.”

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Crane Operator Responsibilities

Great responsibility comes great rewards as Crane Operators are often well paid to do their job. Let’s dive into a certified crane operator’s role and the responsibility that comes with the title.

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Load Planning

The key to being successful in any job is proper planning. Benjamin Franklin put it best when he said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” This statement holds a lot of truth in the construction industry.

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Qualified Riggers: Is Your Rigger and Signal Person Instructor Qualified?

Qualified Riggers are critical to a job site. Workers’ lives depend upon these individuals to be qualified and trained to properly do the task. There are a lot of companies still training on standards and “best practices” from 10 years ago that no longer pertain to today’s industry.

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Who Is In Charge Of Your Lifting Operations?

The Lift Director is in charge of all lifting operations and roles. This should not be taken lightly - OSHA enforces the requirement that a lift director is named and levies penalties for non-compliance.

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