NCCCO Digger Derrick Workshop

The NCCCO certification is the gold standard and absolutely critical for successful employment as a crane operator. The new OSHA 1926.1400 regulation requires all crane operators to be certified through a nationally accredited agency and this workshop is the starting point to help you achieve that requirement.

    Program Overview

    This is a two-day prep course for the NCCCO, a Nationally Accredited Certification, written exam along with a practical examination.   The newly revised OSHA 1926.1400 regulation requires crane operators working in construction or performing construction-related activities to be certified through a nationally accredited agency.  This one-day classroom session includes how to read load charts and other additional information to help you prepare and ultimately become successful for the digger derrick written exam. The one-day practical test is dependent upon the number of participants and any necessary practice time.

    As a certified digger derrick operator, you are directly responsible for the controls of the functions on a digger derrick. A certified operator will demonstrate competence in planning work tasks, assessing the suitability of the equipment for the assigned task, positioning, setup, and operation of the equipment in a competent manner, and aspects of safety associated with the digger derrick, equipment, load, and worksite conditions.

    Topics covered include:

    • OSHA Regulations and ANSI Standards
    • Digger Derrick Components
      • Basic digger derrick terminology and definitions
    • Pre-Operation Inspections 
      • Requirements for inspections and maintenance
      • various weather conditions and understand how environmental conditions affect the safe operation of the digger derrick
    • Proper Set up/Assembly
      • Requirements for access and egress
      • General requirements that apply to assembly/disassembly operations
      • Supporting surfaces to handle the expected loads.
      • Power line hazards, corresponding regulations, and safety practices
      • proper setup of digger derricks
    • Safety Devices and Operational Aids
      • Functions and limitations of the digger derrick
      • Significance of the instruments and gauge readings
    • Hand Signals
      • Appropriate OSHA/ASME Hand and Voice Signals
    • Travel
      • how to prepare the digger derrick for transportation
    • Proper Lifting Procedures
      • operation of all controls and components
      • how to plan the job
    • Proper Digger Operations
      • Stowing and Unstowing The Auger
    • Manufacturer Load Charts
      • Load Chart Terminology
      • How To Determine Gross Capacity
      • How To Determine Net Capacity

    NCCCO Digger Derrick Training Eligibility

    This employer paid prep course is designed for individuals who want to become a NCCCO Certified Digger Derrick Operator. This class is ideal if you or your company primarily operate the “digger” trucks that are typically used in the electrical transmission industry.  To complete the certification process, each candidate will need to pass a 75 multiple choice question written test and the practical exam.

    **Employer will need to provide a Digger Derrick crane to complete practical exam**

    See What Previous Students Have to Say

    “Great Explaination of material” - JR

    “Made it simple to read load charts properly” - Chris

    “Hands on teaching” - Josh

    Are you ready to kick-start a new career or advance in your current position?

    The Digger Derrick Crane Operator Certification will allow you to ensure employers that you know how to use their piece of equipment correctly.  Colorado Crane Operator School holds the proud distinction as a nationally recognized training facility that delivers high quality content to its students.