NCCCO Tower Crane Workshop

Tower cranes, including self-erector towers, represent a large and growing proportion of cranes in use today. This is a five-day employer paid course designed to help you successfully achieve a nationally accredited NCCCO Tower Crane Operator certification with built in crane operation practice time.

    Program Overview

    This program is for individuals who are looking for a career as a Tower Crane Operator through a nationally recognized accredited agency.  This five-day program is taught by full time instructors that are experienced and extremely knowledgeable in the crane safety industry.  

    This course consists of a two and a half-day preparation workshop, written exams, along with two and a half-day practice and practical testing on the crane, for a total of five days. This training and testing can be conducted at our facility or yours and like all of our other training courses, it is available to be taught at your location. 

    Upon successful completion you will be certified in the following tower crane types:

    • Hammerhead
    • Luffer
    • Self-Erecting

    During this course you will gain knowledge in the following areas, but not limited to:

    • Site Set Up
      • Site Hazards
      • Supporting Surfaces
      • Lightning Protection
      • Crane Foundation
    • Erection, Climbing and Dismantling
      • Proper Erection, climbing and dismantling
      • Windspeeds
      • Freestanding Height
      • Tie IN
      • Proper Installation
    • Crane Operations
      • Crane Inspections
      • Communication
      • Shutdown Procedures
      • Load Verifications
      • Operator Responsibilities
      • Operator Aids and Limiting Devices
      • Emergency Response
    • Technical Knowledge
      • Crane Functions
      • Basic Maintenance and Replacement
      • Tower Nomenclature
      • Plumb tolerance
      • Safety Procedures
      • Bolting Procedures
    • Load Charts
      • Luffing Crane
      • Hammerhead 
      • Weight Estimations

    The NCCCO national crane operator certification program is recognized by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration as meeting OSHA’s requirements for crane operator competency and provides significant benefits for employers who adopt the CCO certification program. 

    NCCCO programs meet federal OSHA regulations and American National Standard ASME B30

    Tower cranes, to include self-erector towers, represent a large and growing proportion of cranes in use today. Until now operators had no independent means to demonstrate that they know how to operate these specialized cranes safely and effectively. This program directly addresses this need. Give us a call for more information and pricing.

    If you are looking to recertify then please give us a call to learn how you can attend the two-and-a-half-day prep workshop.

    NCCCO Tower Crane Workshop Eligibility

    This class requires all students to be 18 years of age.  Some experience in the construction industry is preferred but not required.  To complete the certification, you will need to pass 55 multiple-choice questions, six of which are load chart questions.  You will also need to successfully pass a tower crane practical exam.  As with all NCCCO programs you will need to comply with the NCCCO Substance Abuse Policy and NCCCO Code of Ethics.

    See What Previous Students Have to Say

    “Joe, Justin and Russ are great instructors. They have very efficient methods to present large volumes of information and help you understand it.” - Federico

    “Very good class to take.. teacher always help you out and answer all questions during class to make sure you are ready to pass your test.” - Pablo

    “Great class. Justin takes the time to make sure all students learn the needed information. Very comfortable learning environment. Would recommend to anyone.” - Ben

    Are you ready to kick-start a new career or advance in your current position?

    NCCCO Tower Crane Certification is recognized throughout the country and a great way to kick off your career.  Colorado Crane Operator School is an industry leader in crane safety awareness and education.