Aislinn Reardon

Department Administrator

Aislinn Reardon is the Department Administrator for Colorado Crane Operator School. She began working for the business in 2019 – bringing a broad range of experience into the office. She is eager to learn everything she can about the Crane Industry, and enjoys helping those around her. Currently, Aislinn is taking payments, collecting Candidate Applications, and assisting in all of the necessary work that goes into getting the Candidates ready for their program.

Aislinn is a Colorado Native who loves the outdoors; often, you will find her hiking, camping, or simply enjoying the day with her fiancé and two dogs. She is also a talented artist who loves to bring joy to those around her with the art that she creates. When she is not discovering the world through art or adventure, she is often found reading; whether it be educational and informative, or fantasy and fun, she wants to know it all. Aislinn is an extremely determined, hard-working individual, who is always looking for another opportunity to increase her knowledge.