Four Week Crane Operator/Rigger & Signalperson Program

This program is designed to help individuals who are wishing to start an exciting career as a Mobile Crane Operator. This hands-on class will give you the knowledge and skills to become a NCCCO Certified Crane Operator along with a NCCCO Certified Rigger and Signalperson.

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Program Overview

Why become a mobile crane operator? To begin with, NCCCO Certified Mobile Crane Operators are often the most respected and well-paid individuals on the job site. Additionally, this is a certification that allows you to continue to grow your career as your skills, experience and knowledge increase in time. You also have the ability to travel the country, through multiple different industries because these in demand positions are everywhere.

Our four-week training program is the most in-depth program to help prepare you for your new career. At one point in time, you had the ability to get on the job training BEFORE you were certified. However, the new OSHA 1926.1400 requires you to be certified to operate a crane on the jobsite. Unless an employer is willing to have a certified operator right next to you the entire time to train you then this is the best course to get started.

In addition to achieving your Mobile Crane Certification, you also will complete the NCCCO Certified Rigger and Signalperson program. When you add the Certified Rigger and Certified Signalperson to your resume it adds confidence to your future employer that you have a good understanding of your responsibilities along with the roles and responsibilities of those working around you. Having a good understanding of what everyone’s role is working around the crane is crucial to have a very efficient hoisting operation.

The objective of this program is to prepare graduates to enter the industry with NCCCO Crane Operator Certifications. Students prepare to become certified as operators of Hydraulic Boom Mobile Cranes. Successful graduates will earn six (6) NCCCO Certifications:

  • (TSS) Fixed Cab Hydraulic Crane
  • (TLL) Swing Cab Hydraulic Crane
  • (BTF) Boom Truck Fixed Cab Crane
  • (STC) Service Truck Crane
  • (RIG-1) Rigger Level 1
  • (SGP) Signalperson

The training atmosphere for this program has been designed to mimic the conditions that exist within the workplace. While in the training field, students perform all projects under the supervision of NCCCO certified instructors who advise and guide them. In order to ensure each student feels comfortable and confident performing the necessary tasks, this program is approximately 55% hands-on training by performing mobile crane operations in a smooth and controlled manner.

During the length of the program, you will have in depth training on the crane. All of our drills are designed to teach you smooth operating techniques, safe set up and travel of the crane. You will also learn proper inspections from one of the country’s largest crane inspection companies. We will teach you all safety procedures along with proper wire rope reeving.

We also combine hands on crane operation with a classroom structure in which we educate you on the following but not limited to:

  • OSHA and ASME Regulations
  • Load Charts
  • Operational Aids
  • Crane Dynamics
  • Crane Components
  • Safe Hoisting Procedures
  • Setup and Assembly
  • Site Conditions
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Power Lines
  • Wire Rope Inspection
  • Rope Removal Criteria
  • And More

Crane Operator, Rigger & Signalperson Program Eligibility

This is an entry level crane operator certification program. You must be 18 years old with a valid government issued ID. You must also comply with NCCCO’s Substance Abuse Policy and NCCCO’s Code of Ethics. A successful graduate will complete NCCCO Exams which take place during the program and will include five (5) Written & four (4) Practical Certification tests.

FAQs for our Four Week Crane Operator / Rigger & Signalperson Program

Do you get alot of hands on with this course.

Yes, with this couse you get plenty of hands on training with the instructors.

Financing Options

We want our programs to be attainable for anyone interested in pursuing a new career. We’ve partnered with financial institutions that can help finance your certification with Colorado Crane Operator School. Check out the various loan options.

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See What Previous Students Have to Say

  • "Colorado Crane Operator School is top notch. The 4 week workshop was great! The hands-on along with the classroom study were easy to understand and grasp. Our Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the industry which was passed on in class. I can't recommend this school enough." - Micah

  • “I just finished Colorado Crane Operator School's 4 week program. I cannot begin to fully express my gratitude and true appreciation for this program. The four weeks were absolutely filled with ample opportunity to hone my crane operating skills to prepare for the practical exams. Plus ample class time to learn and prepare for the written exams. I felt confident every time it was time to take another test. The instructors demonstrated a genuine desire for us in the class to succeed, not only at the class itself but in our new career path. I have held nothing but industrial jobs in my life with many many "professional development" courses. I've seen it all and experienced it all - some good, some absolutely terrible. This program, after completing it, is truly set apart. The instruction, the material, the presentation were great! Thank you, guys, truly, I feel equipped to begin this new career path.” - Matt

  • “I would highly recommend this School/Training facility to anyone who is wanting to enter into the crane industry. I just finished my 4 week training and I am more than confident in going into the crane industry as an entry level crane operator. The staff are highly knowledgeable and eager to help explain something if you are having a hard time understanding...furthermore I'd like to say that my instructors were great; they are extremely knowledgeable about the crane industry and made the environment fun and educational! If you're reading this it's because you have already decided that you want to be a crane operator so go with it and sign up for whatever training you are looking for I guarantee you won't be disappointed.” - Annelle

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