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We offer equipment inspection services to keep your project running and reduce the risk of accidents on the job site. Call Us at 303-477-1044 for inspection needs.

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Equipment Inspection Services

There is a myriad of equipment we all use on projects today such as man baskets, slings and rigging hardware, material hoists, bucket trucks, and automotive lifts. The need for training and meeting the regulations in today’s market is a major impact on your company’s bottom line. 

Dealing with insurance requirements and staying current on regulatory influences requires reaching outside of a firm’s resources to provide a comprehensive program.  

Advantages of Regular Equipment Inspections

Ensuring proper equipment inspection has many advantages as follows:

  • Increase the dependability of your equipment.
  • You will see a rise in the productivity of your employees.
  • Reduce the risk of an accident on the job site.
  • It helps in decreasing insurance premiums, 
  • Increase the bottom line on projects, certify compliance with best industry practices and most of all reduce accidents, injuries, and even death.

Each Crane & Rigging Consultants inspector is a fully qualified inspector; having met thorough performance requirements with documented experience in equipment inspection.

Crane & Rigging Consultants inspections are professional and reliable. Providing you a fair, unbiased third-party evaluation. We’re the ones to partner with when you need dependable equipment inspection services.

During Equipment Inspection, Our Inspectors Will:

  • Review your current records for compliance to state and Federal laws.
  • Deliver a comprehensive safety compliance inspection of your equipment using the most up-to-date standards and regulations.
  • Perform an operational test and, where necessary, a load test to verify that all safety systems are operational, and the equipment is operating correctly.
  • Complete each equipment inspection using innovative record keeping procedures with a reporting system that provides you detailed inspection information and conforms to Federal Regulations.
  • Provide your company a documentation PDF including all equipment inspection records, wire rope and hook reports and certification documents. These records are prepared to allow your staff to perform, and record required monthly inspections.
  • Present decals and documentation to place on your equipment to verify your compliance.

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