Service Truck Operator Workshop for NCCCO Certification

My crane is small, it does not need a certified operator to run it… right? WRONG! Your equipment and operations may fall under the certification requirement.

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Program Overview

Service trucks and their equipment handle a variety of industries and services.  From delivery service, mining industry and utility operations, they cover a large scope of tasks.  Primarily, they are used for mechanics to facilitate the lifting, loading and movement of large and heavy materials and components.  Previous regulations did not encompass these types of cranes due to capacity limitations and scope of work being performed.  However, since the inception of OSHA’s subpart CC, the capacity exemption has been drastically reduced to cranes with a capacity of over 2,000 lbs. 

This means it is now required to be operated by a certified and evaluated operator. Any application that can be considered new construction will require a qualified or certified operator or meet specific crane and material requirements. This can create a slippery slope when trying to define your current workload and which side of the line it falls onto. Whenever there is a question about whether your operator is qualified to operate the crane, the option to take the higher road and ensure that they have the proper training, knowledge, and experience to safely operate the equipment as well as completing the operation within regulations and safety standards.

The course will include but not limited to:

  • Site Awareness
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Ground Stability
    • Power Lines
  • Crane Operations
    • Wire Rope
    • Signals
    • Inspections
    • Proper Operations
  • Technical Knowledge
    • Lubrications
    • Rigging Devices
    • Crane Terminology
  • Load Chart
    • Gross Capacity
    • Net Capacity

The Service Truck Crane Operator workshop is geared towards preparing Service Truck Crane Operators for obtaining NCCCO Certification. Service Truck Crane or (STC), is a subcategory of the NCCCO Telescopic Boom—Fixed Cab certification (TSS). Industry leaders asked the NCCCO to create guidelines specifically for these types of cranes so that operators across the country would be held to a uniform level of competency.

Current TSS certification covers the use of service truck crane operation. Which means any operator holding TSS certification will not have to undergo additional training or certifications. However, STC certification is not reverse compatible—STC certification is only intended for and applicable to operators of Service Truck Cranes. Any manipulation, support, or maneuvering of the deliverable material or component that aids—in any way— in the process of construction (such as installing a new HVAC unit on a roof or hoisting ceiling joists to the second floor of a structure) requires that the operator of the Service Truck Crane must be certified or risk OSHA sanctions or citations. This is a three-day employer paid workshop.

Service Truck Operator Training for NCCCO Certification Eligibility

The Service Truck Crane Operator preparation course is intended for operators who have experience in running the equipment and needing to finalize the process of certification by taking the applicable written and practical examinations. Additional training is available for the hands-on portion of the operations upon request. NCCCO Eligibility requirements must be met and understood by all candidates seeking certification.

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