Mini Crawler Crane Operator Workshop

Does your organization take advantage of the benefits of a Mini Crawler Crane for its operations? This useful equipment is gaining popularity due to its size and versatility, but it's important to make sure all users are properly trained and certified.

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Program Overview

Mini-Crawler Cranes often known as “Spider” Cranes are a unique piece of lifting equipment. Due to their lifting and operational abilities, these machines are classified as a crane. A mini-crawler crane is a crane that has been designed and built for working in low access, confined or limited space areas either indoors or outdoors. It is mounted on a dual track chassis with “spider-type” legs for its leveling and outriggers positioning. When lifting requirements are in a location with tight access, restricted space or obstructions, a mini crane will be perfect for the job.

In this one day, employer paid course that includes both classroom instruction and hands-on crane operation:

  • Operators Manual Familiarization
  • Pre-Operational Inspection and Walk around
  • Load charts
  • Set up for operation, traveling and shut down/stowage and transport
  • Ground Conditions verifications
  • Work around Power Lines, utilities, and other potential site hazards
  • Safety devices & Operator Aids
  • Post-Operational Inspection

Mini-crawler cranes are revolutionizing many industries by offering a flexible and versatile crane, that while strong enough to lift up to 6.6 tons, can be used where a conventional truck mounted crane or carry deck crane will not have access due to its size That being said, do not be fooled by the compact design of these machines as changes have been made to OSHA Standards in recent years.

According to OSHA, a “crane” is a machine for lifting and lowering a load and moving it horizontally, with the hoisting mechanism an integral part of the machine. Cranes, whether fixed or mobile are driven manually or by power.

According to CFR 1926.1427(a)General requirements for operators. The employer must ensure that each operator is trained, certified/ licensed, and evaluated in accordance with this section before operating any equipment covered under subpart CC.

The mini crawler or “spider crane” would fall under a Fixed Cab/TSS Crane type for NCCCO Certification purposes.  Colorado Crane Operator School offers training and exam preparation and is covered in our monthly workshop for Mobile Cranes.  For more details on dates and course description see our Mobile Crane Workshop.

For those operators or organizations who use equipment outside the range of certification requirements, that may fall under the exemption of the certification: 1926.1427(a)(2)

Depending upon the size of your crane, you may not need to have an NCCCO certification but a qualification is still required. The NCCCO certification is valid for 5 years. If you do not elect to use the certification then the qualification is good for 3 years and follows industry standards.

Contact us today – (303) 477-1044 ext. 3 – to help answer which path for you is best to take.

Mini Crawler Crane Training Eligibility

Mini Crawler Crane training is for all experience levels, ranging from beginners to seasoned operators needing to familiarize with the equipment requirements or changes in regulations. NCCCO Eligibility requirements must be met and understood by all candidates looking for certification. For the hands-on portion, attendees will be required to wear all typical job site apparel to include: Long pants, shirts with sleeves and PPE (hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, and work boots).

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See What Previous Students Have to Say

“This school was very informative and the instructor was great at making sure you retained all the info needed for operating safely in a crane!” - Mike

“Great class learned lots of new terms and knowledge. Great instructors and friendly staff, was a friendly task centered environment. Would definitely recommend it to other operators.” - Noah

“The training that Colorado Crane Operator School offers is amazing. Really explains a lot about operating and how anything can happen on not using the right tools and equipment.” - Oscar

Are you ready to kick-start a new career or advance in your current position?

This training is intended for those who utilize mini crawler cranes, either on a daily basis, or on occasion in the workplace. Proper training in all aspects of operations will ensure the safe execution of the hoisting activities on your job site.

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