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Mobile Crane Inspection Services

Mobile cranes are designed to move around the job site during construction projects and can cause severe and devastating damage if not properly inspected to OSHA standards.  It is imperative that the required mobile crane inspections are kept up to date and performed at intervals described by the manufacturer.

Mobile Crane Inspections

Annual Inspection (OSHA 1926.1435)

Annual/comprehensive inspections are required by OSHA for all mobile equipment over 2000 lbs. and that fall in the description of the equipment that can move or hoist loads horizontally or vertically by means of hook or winch. This makes mobile crane inspection a must. The inspection consists of a thorough examination from the ground up, examining carriers, undercarriages, and the car body. In addition, the upper works for gears, shafts, and control mechanisms including the operator station are inspected. The entire boom structure, sheaves, shafts, drums, and hoist ropes, and pendant support systems.

Post-assembly inspection (OSHA 1926.1435)

Post-assembly mobile crane inspections are required by OSHA to ensure that the assembly of the crane and attachments are done per the manufacturer’s guidelines. The inspection will include connection points and retaining pins, condition of the equipment components, couplers shaft pendant assembly, and reeving of boom hoists and blocks. As well as support bridles, jibs, luffing booms, and any attachment packages that change the basic configuration of the equipment.

Post-incident inspection

Despite a  mobile crane inspection, should the unfortunate event occur when a machine fails structurally or from a stability issue our job is to gain control of the site and to stabilize the situation for prevention of secondary incidents which can occur due to damaged crane structures that still have not completely failed which is quite commonly the case. Once the safety of the situation is under control a thorough follow on investigation takes place through interviews of the parties involved, witness accounts, and an intensive forensic study as to the cause, the why, and what preventative measures can be taken to eliminate similar events.

Equipment not in regular use (OSHA 1926.1412(h))

Equipment that has been idle for three months or more must be inspected by a “qualified person” as defined by OSHA, in accordance with the requirements of a “monthly inspection” before initial use.

Each Crane & Rigging Consultants inspector is a fully qualified inspector; having met thorough performance requirements with documented experience, making them suitable for performing foolproof mobile crane inspections.

Crane & Rigging Consultants inspections are professional and reliable. Providing you with a fair, unbiased third-party evaluation.

During the Mobile Crane Inspection, Our Inspectors Will:

  • Review your current records for compliance with state and Federal laws.
  • Deliver a comprehensive safety compliance inspection of your equipment using the most up-to-date standards and regulations.
  • Perform an operational test and, where necessary, a load test to verify that all safety systems are operational, and the equipment is operating correctly.
  • Complete each mobile crane inspection using innovative record-keeping procedures with a reporting system that provides you with detailed inspection information and conforms to Federal Regulations.
  • Provide your company with a documentation PDF including all mobile crane inspection records, wire rope, and hook reports, and certification documents. These records are prepared to allow your staff to perform, and record required monthly inspections.
  • Present decals and documentation to place on your equipment to verify your compliance.

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