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Overhead Crane Inspection Services

1910.179(a)(8): Overhead crane means a crane with a movable bridge carrying a movable or fixed hoisting mechanism and traveling on an overhead fixed runway structure.

Overhead crane inspections are required to be conducted on a periodic (annual) as well as daily and monthly basis. Depending on the severity of service and environments in General Industry operations, could require comprehensive inspections to be performed on a periodic inspection level, frequently, due to many variables in the general industries such as multiple shift work, caustic, or hot work environments, etc. As a leading overhead crane inspection company, we follow OSHA 1910.179 and ASME B 30.2 guidelines and standards to perform these types of inspections.

Overhead Crane Inspections

Initial Inspection (OSHA 1910.179)

The initial overhead crane inspection is a detailed visual inspection that is required after installing a new crane or hoist, and for gear that has been reinstalled after modification or repair. ANSI B30.11 also requires a Rated Load Test: “Prior to initial use, all new, extensively repaired, and altered equipment shall be tested and inspected by, or under the direction of, an appointed or authorized person, and a written report should be furnished by such person, confirming the load rating of the system. The load rating should be no more than 80% of the maximum load sustained during the test.”

Frequent Inspection (OSHA 1910.179)

Frequent overhead crane inspections should include all aspects of the Functional Test Inspection, in addition to checking the operating mechanisms paying close attention to the hoist brake, wire rope, load chain, and listening for any abnormal sounds. The hook and latch require an inspection as well.

How often these overhead crane inspections should be conducted depends on the usage of your crane: A crane that operates under “normal service” should be inspected monthly; a crane in “heavy service” should be inspected weekly to monthly, and a crane in “severe service” should be inspected daily to weekly.

The Frequent Inspection does not require a record like the functional test inspection, but documentation will show that the overhead crane has been inspected, so all operators will know it is safe to use before they start their shift. The documentation will also show that you are proactive about your facility’s safety, which can work in your favor if an accident occurs in the future.

Periodic Inspection (OSHA 1910.179)

The frequency of the Periodic Inspection is based on the usage of the crane.

For this type of overhead crane inspection, cranes that are used for “normal service” and “heavy service” should be inspected yearly. Cranes in “severe service” should be inspected quarterly.

According to OSHA, if a crane has been inactive for more than a month, but has been used within the last sixth months, you will be required to perform a Periodic and Functional Test Inspection prior to its next use.

The manufacturer of your overhead crane may require additional inspections at various intervals.

It may seem costly and time-consuming to follow all the required inspections for your overhead crane. However, these maintenance and safety checks are much cheaper than the legal fees and insurance premiums you’ll have to pay if someone on your team is injured because the inspections never happened, or if the inspections were performed by someone who was not qualified. This is where our overhead crane inspection company can play a defining role in securing your operations. 

Each Crane & Rigging Consultants inspector is a fully qualified inspector; having met thorough performance requirements with documented experience. That’s right, we’re fully qualified to perform in-depth overhead crane inspections and help you create a secure work environment.

Crane & Rigging Consultants inspections are professional and reliable. Providing you with a fair, unbiased third-party evaluation.

During the Overhead Crane Inspection, Our Inspectors Will:

  • Review your current records for compliance with state and Federal laws.
  • Deliver a comprehensive safety compliance inspection of your equipment using the most up-to-date standards and regulations.
  • Perform an operational test and, where necessary, a load test to verify that all safety systems are operational, and the equipment is operating correctly.
  • Complete each overhead crane inspection using innovative record-keeping procedures with a reporting system that provides you with detailed inspection information and conforms to Federal Regulations.
  • Provide your company with a documentation PDF including all inspection records, wire rope, and hook reports, and certification documents. These records are prepared to allow your staff to perform, and record required monthly overhead crane inspections.
  • Present decals and documentation to place on your equipment to verify your compliance.

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