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Do You Have A Mobile Crane Safety Manual?

The Mobile Crane Safety Manual is a tool to ensure your employees are working in a safe and efficient manner while cranes are on the job site by breaking down three main components of crane safety: Proper Crane Set-Up, Qualified personnel roles and responsibilities, and controlling a safe work environment. 

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Crane Undercarriage Inspections

If you own or use a mobile crawler crane and are not completing a lower carriage inspection on a regular basis, then you could be making a costly mistake. Every crane component has a finite lifespan and it only makes sense to maximize that lifespan. However, an ultimate failure of not completing a proper undercarriage inspection can lead to costly downtime and unnecessarily expensive repair.

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Proper Outrigger Blocking

The world’s strongest man is only as strong as the ground he is standing on. Standing on a solid surface he can lift the world; stand on a sandy beach the amount he can lift is significantly less. A crane’s outrigger set up is no different and when done properly you will maximize the crane’s lifting capacity.

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