Lift Director Training and Workshop

Are you in compliance? Persons performing the lift planning and load handling activities “shall” be Qualified and Competent to perform the assigned tasks. Are you prepared to take on the role?

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Program Overview

Who is responsible for overseeing the lifting operations on your construction site?

According to the following applicable standards, a lift director must be on-site and in charge of the lifting operations.

  • OSHA CFR 1926.1400 Subpart CC
  • ASME B30.5 Mobile & Locomotive Cranes
  • ASME P30.1 Planning for Load Handling Activities

The lift director’s responsibilities are more detailed than the job’s crane operator and the site supervisor. They are not only in charge of all the necessary steps of creating a proper lift plan, both routine and non-routine lifts, but also can take corrective action during the lifting operations. Assigning a qualified lift director to your project will ultimately reduce accidents and increase job site efficiency by approaching the lifting operations with a systematic approach.

During this 8-hour course, attendees will go over the following topics:

  • Understanding who the lift director is and their role and their importance on the job site
  • Pre-Lift review, load handling evaluations and considerations: Establishing communication methods and assignments of active participants
  • Lifting Operations – Personnel Assignments
  • Site Evaluations – Equipment Selection, Setup and Operation
  • Evaluate environmental conditions that may influence operations 
  • Roles, Responsibilities, and Qualification of Lift Director and Personnel
  • Determining whether an individual is a Qualified Person for a specified role
  • Rigging Selection and Decisions for Lift Planning
  • Load Charts/Using Load Charts to Prepare a Lift Plan
  • Ensuring necessary traffic controls are in place
  • Rigging Capacities and Application Methods
  • Lift Plans – Sequence of Events, LHE Placement, and Usage
  • Hoisting Personnel Requirements and Restrictions
  • Determine whether lifting is categorized as Routine or Critical
  • Critical Lift Planning Elements – Develop, Review, and Evaluation
  • Post-Lift Review: Evaluation to improve on future activities

Let the experts at Colorado Crane Operator School guide and educate your future leaders and lifting supervisors in our next training session.

Lift Director Training Eligibility

The Lift Director should have a strong working knowledge of crane and rigging operations, limitations and site conditions which could affect the safe execution of hoisting activities. The first step to becoming a lift director is to ensure you have taken our Qualified Rigger and Signalperson and Crane and Rigging for Management course. Upon completion of those two courses, you are eligible to take our 8-hour Lift Director Certification course. This course follows the industry standard and is valid for three years.

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