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Colorado Crane Operator School offers quality crane inspection services. We use the latest technology to ensure safe and uninterrupted crane operation.

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Keeping your cranes upright, operational, and safe by Crane and Rigging Consultants Since 1990.

Colorado Crane Operator School provides crane and rigging inspection services through its subdivision Crane and Rigging Consultants. Crane and Rigging Consultants provides annual, post-assembly, pre, and post-erection, equipment not in regular use, initial, periodic, and frequent, and accident/incident inspections and investigations. Our consultants are NCCCO-certified inspectors and have many years of experience operating, rigging, and investigating crane mishaps.

Certified Crane and Rigging Inspection Experts

Our inspectors have been providing rigging and crane inspection services in the crane industry for more than 50 years combined. They are experts in the assembly process and have conducted inspections on all types of hoisting equipment. We have maintained a cutting-edge approach to the new technologies that are being introduced in the hoisting world by keeping our consultants informed and educated with training and opportunities to meet the changing atmosphere in the crane industry today.

Safety is a vital component on any job site. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA), and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), companies must frequently inspect and maintain their cranes to avoid job site accidents. In this regard, our crane and rigging inspection services can be extremely beneficial. 

Mobile, Tower, Overhead, and Gantry Cranes are crucial components when lifting heavy loads. Over time, they undergo wear and tear and could become faulty without regular maintenance, endangering everyone on the job site if not inspected regularly. This is where our crane inspection services come into the picture. 

Our Crane Inspection Services

“My experience with Crane & Rigging Consultants has been nothing but top notch. Crane & Rigging Consultants provides a detailed inspection of Lattice Crawler and Rough Terrain Cranes. If you are looking for a crane inspection to protect you from over charges from excessive wear and tear on a crane, I would recommend you contact Crane & Rigging Consultants. At Mortenson we used multiple inspection companies and Crane & Rigging Consultants provided the detailed inspections that we needed. Our excessive wear and tear costs decreased dramatically once we started using Crane & Rigging Consultants for our inspection needs.”

– Steven Klatt, Mortenson Crane Manager

Crane Inspection Frequencies Available:

  • Annually
  • Quadrennially
  • Monthly
  • Semi-Annually
  • Quarterly
  • Daily
  • Weekly

We can customize our crane inspection services as well. We have clients who have specific criteria that must be followed, and we ensure that those needs are met. Our inspections meet the required criteria outlined in OSHA Subpart CC – Crane Standard and ASME B30.5, Mobile cranes, and ASME B 30.3, Tower Cranes. In addition, we provide training in Rigger and Signal Person required under OSHA law.

From the new tele-crawler machines to the massive new equipment in the wind farm and industrial markets, we are current on these new systems and thrive on providing the best crane inspection service possible to our clientele.

We pride ourselves on the ability to respond on short notice and we can reach anywhere in the United States and beyond our borders if required. We have seen an upswing in the market for the last two years and have brought on additional trained and qualified personnel to meet the demand. From all indications, things look to be very busy in most sectors that require hoisting as well as rigging inspection services. 

Crane and Rigging Consultants will be at the forefront in making sure our clients, old and new, will have the comfort and peace of mind they are hiring experienced professionals who realize the importance of the service we provide. Big or small, we inspect them all!

What to Expect from your Crane Inspection with Crane & Rigging Consultants:

  • Third-Party, Impartial Evaluation
  • Full Inspection Report
  • Letter of Acknowledgment
  • Deficiencies/Recommendations (if needed)
  • Load Testing (if needed)

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