“My experience with Crane & Rigging Consultants has been nothing but top notch. Crane & Rigging Consultants provides a detailed inspection of Lattice Crawler and Rough Terrain Cranes. If you are looking for a crane inspection to protect you from over charges from excessive wear and tear on a crane, I would recommend you contact Crane & Rigging Consultants. At Mortenson we used multiple inspection companies and Crane & Rigging Consultants provided the detailed inspections that we needed. Our excessive wear and tear costs decreased dramatically once we started using Crane & Rigging Consultants for our inspection needs.”
– Steven Klatt, Mortenson Crane Manager

“Amazing instructors that are very knowledgeable. I’ve been running Crane’s for many years. And these great guys taught me even more. Best school I’ve ever been in.”
– Jeremiah

“The team at Colorado crane school run a great 4 week accelerated operator program. The course will teach you every aspect of crane setup and operation. Coming into the course I had very little knowledge of the ins and outs of crane operation, but after only a few short weeks I was prepared not only to take the necessary NCCCO exams but more importantly felt confident that I was capable of operating a crane on the jobsite. The instructors at Colorado Crane school work hard to ensure that every student has the knowledge to operate a crane safely and effectively. I would recommend Colorado Crane School to anyone who wants to start a career working as a crane operator.”
– John P Crowle

“Colorado crane school is a great opportunity for people wanting to operate cranes to learn the proper/safe way to operate. [Instructor] conducted both courses which I attended and he does a great job teaching. 10-10 would recommend.”
– Austin

“Mortenson Construction has used MSC Safety Solutions and specifically Rich Trosper for “on hire” crane inspections for several years. I have found them to be responsive, well trained, and easy to work with on multiple occasions. Rich has a sound understanding of all types of cranes. I know that if MSC and Rich are involved I can be assured the crane is structurally sound, assembled per manufacturer standards, and in good working condition. I would not hesitate to recommend their services. Please call with questions.”
– John Pole, Field Operations Manager

“[Instructor] was very informative… I enjoyed the class.”
– Randy

“I was worried about learning all the material however the way it was taught by the instructor made it quick and effective.”
– Bruce

“[Instructor] made it really easy to understand everything.”
– Edwin

“Colorado Crane Operator School is top notch. The 4-Week workshop was great! The Hands on along with the classroom study were easy to understand and grasp. Our Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the industry which was pass on in class. I can’t recommend this school enough.”
– Micah

“Instructors are awesome.”
– Tim

“I just finished Colorado Crane Operator School’s 4 Week program. I cannot begin to fully express my gratitude and true appreciation for this program. The four weeks were absolutely filled with ample opportunity to hone my crane operating skills to prepare for the practical exams. Plus, ample class time to learn and prepare for the written exams. I felt confident every time it was time to take another test. The instructors demonstrated a genuine desire for us in the class to succeed, not only at the class itself but in our new career path. I have held nothing but industrial jobs in my life with many, many “professional development” courses. I’ve seen it all and experienced it all some good some absolutely terrible. This program, after completing it, is truly set apart. The instruction, the material, and the presentation were great! Thank you, guys, truly, I feel equipped to begin this new career path.”
– Matt

“The right school to be NCCCO certified in a short period of time.”
– Marco

“I would highly recommend this School/Training facility to anyone who is wanting to enter into the crane industry. I just finished my 4-week training, and I am more than confident in going into the crane industry as an entry level crane operator. The staff are highly knowledgeable and eager to help explain something if you are having a hard time understanding…furthermore, I would like to say that my instructors were great, they are extremely knowledgeable about the crane industry and made the environment fun and educational! If you’re reading this, it’s because you have already decided that you want to be a crane operator so go with it and sign up for whatever training you are looking for, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.”
– Annelle

“Knowledge gained to pass written exam.”
– Nick

“Good school teach very well and take the time to make sure you get what they are teaching very repetitive on all the things you need to know for test.”
– Del

“[Instructor] gives good information. Great class!”
– Sergio

“Instructors are friendly and knowledgeable; the material was presented in way that was easy to comprehend.”
– Kole

“The training that Colorado Crane Operator School offers is amazing. Really explains a lot about operating and how anything can happen on not using the right tools and equipment.”
– Oscar

“Making it easy to understand the material.”
– Nolan

“This school was very informative and the instructor was great at making sure you retained all the info needed for operating safely in a crane!”
– Mike

“The willingness to make sure everyone understands.”
– Jordan

“Great class learned lots of new terms and knowledge. Great instructors and friendly staff, was a friendly task centered environment. Would definitely recommend to other operators.”
– Noah

“Best part of class was instructor’s knowledge.”
– Marco

“[Instructor] was helpful and informative. All together the class covered a lot of information and was very helpful.”
– Ryan

“Made it simple to read load charts properly.”
– Chris

“The mobile crane workshop was a good and informative experience. The staff were friendly and informative.”
– Jared

“Great Explanation of material.”
– JR

“[They] are great instructors. They have very efficient methods to present large volumes of information and help you understand it.”
– Federico

“Very informative class.”
– Dylan

“Very good class to take. teacher always help you out and answer all questions during class to make sure you are ready to pass your test.”
– Pablo

“Hands on teaching.”
– Josh

“Great class. [Instructor] takes the time to make sure all students learn the needed information. Very comfortable learning environment. Would recommend to anyone.”
– Ben

“Extremely knowledgeable staff!! [Instructor] did a fantastic job leading the class.”
– Seth

“Learned a bunch in the couple days I was there! Great learning materials and instructors!”
– Mike

“Class was great especially for a first-year apprentice like myself, learned a lot that will help me throughout my career!”
– Marshall

“Simple full day course on rigging and signal person. Thorough and useful information, interspersed with questions to gauge the classes performance. [Instructor] is a solid teach.”
– Benjamin

“Good experience! Lots of good knowledge!”
– Colton

“[Instructor] is the best instructor ever, you learn everything you need to know involving cranes, rigging, and signaling classes are fun and very knowledgeable with experienced personnel all around best decision I ever made to come to this school.”
– Jack

“Great class! Very Informative!”
– Paul

“I am taking this class for a change in direction in my career. The class has some great instructors, it’s a fun class, very informative, and beneficial.”
– Daniel

“This class is quick, fun, and an exciting way to change your career.”
– Zach

“Great school, great instructors. Very knowledgeable, helpful & laid back. Awesome environment to learn & grow.”
– Lee

Below are some of the companies that we work with: