4-Weeks To A New Career!

July 16, 2019 | Blog | Crane Operator | Cranes | News | Safety Training | Training

The consideration of becoming a Crane Operator may seem to be of foreign nature for some. You may be working a job that you aren’t terribly content with; one that is not paying enough for the work you are putting in. This is not a life anyone wants to live. We, as a generalized public, want comfort, stability, promise, and money when it comes to our lives and our careers.

Individuals all over the world are taking their lives into account and making a career change, into that of Crane Operating. The population, both young and old, are reaping the benefits that come with this job position. The best part? You could be a Certified Crane Operator in just 4 simple weeks!

Colorado Crane Operator School has observed and evaluated the candidates that have come through each workshop, making it possible to create such a progressive course. The entire course is designed to help individuals, with no crane experience, to live out their dreams and enter the industry with an extended knowledge and experience.

The 4-week workshop is an excellent option for both the already employed, along with the unemployed. It gives you security and peace of mind to know that you will be getting a head start in the crane industry; with the employment meet and greet on the last day, you can ensure that your future will be starting the first day of the course.

Colorado Crane Operator School is a respected and well-trained company with experience that benefits its customers. The goal is to prepare every student to succeed in all aspects of the course, and their future.

“The team at Colorado crane school run a great 4-week accelerated operator program. The course will teach you every aspect of crane setup and operation. Coming into the course I had very little knowledge of the ins and outs of crane operation, but after only a few short weeks I was prepared not only to take the necessary NCCCO exams but more importantly felt confident that I was capable of operating a crane on the job-site. The instructors at Colorado Crane school work hard to ensure that every student has the knowledge to operate a crane safely and effectively. I would recommend Colorado Crane School to anyone who wants to start a career working as a crane operator.”
– John P Crowle

Author: Aislinn Reardon