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Certification Reinforcement by OSHA

OSHA has issued a Memorandum regarding the necessity and requirement of Crane Certifications. OSHA issued this Enforcement policy to forewarn the public...

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Changes in NCCCO Certification Requirements

Effective January first, many changes will come into play with NCCCO. As an example, their most recent announcement is in regard to removing the eligibility requirement for a physical evaluation.

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Crane Operator Responsibilities

Great responsibility comes great rewards as Crane Operators are often well paid to do their job. Let’s dive into a certified crane operator’s role and the responsibility that comes with the title.

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Have Your Crane Operators Been Evaluated?

"alter the requirement that crane-operator certification be based on equipment “type and capacity,” instead permitting certification based on equipment “type” or “type and capacity”;

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Operator Evaluations: Are You Prepared

Are you fully aware of the recent changes to OSHA Standards? Would you be prepared and ready to be questioned and visited by OSHA? There are many things to consider when you have a crane operator, and one of which is, “have they been properly evaluated?”.

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OSHA’s Warning for CIC Certifications

They must be certified, and not only so, but by an “entity accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency”. CIC is no longer recognized by such accreditation.

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