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Are You Conducting A Thorough Rigging Analysis?

When is the last time you actually did a rigging analysis during your lifting operations? Proper rigging is so much more than throwing a sling around a load and saying, β€œIt will fly.”

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Crane Operation: Are You Qualified?

If you're going to work in the crane industry, it's best to be proactive versus reactive. That is why it is essential to know and understand who the key players are and what their role is.

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Equipment Modifications: OSHA's Take

Modifications or Additions to a crane which affect the capacity or safe operation of the equipment are prohibited, except when you meet the OSHA requirements.

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Who Is In Charge Of Your Lifting Operations?

The Lift Director is in charge of all lifting operations and roles. This should not be taken lightly - OSHA enforces the requirement that a lift director is named and levies penalties for non-compliance.

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