Who’s Accredited? Why it’s Crucial that your Crane Operator Certification comes from NCCCO.

February 05, 2020 | Crane Operator | Cranes | Industry News | NCCCO | News

When choosing a certification program it’s crucial that you ensure the organization is accredited. Without accreditation, your crane operator certification may not be valid. This is why the NCCCO Foundation has released the Accredited Certifier Directory.

“Accreditation is a rigorous and often protracted process.  Just because an organization may have applied for accreditation does not mean it is, in fact, accredited and therefore in compliance with OSHA’s requirements. In most cases it takes a certification body many months of review and often continuing dialogue with the accrediting body before accreditation is granted.”

NCCCO Foundation

OSHA recognizes only two accrediting bodies: ANSI and NCCA. Only four organizations are fully accredited for Crane Operators, including NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators). NCCCO has been accredited by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) for over 25 certification programs. These include Mobile Crane Operator, Articulating Crane Operator, Tower Crane Operator, Lift Director and Rigger/Signal person.

All of this information can be overwhelming, which is why Colorado Crane Operator School works solely with the NCCCO for all of its crane operator certifications. We strive to ensure that candidates get not only the best hands on training available, but also the accredited certification that they deserve.

We serve crane operators of all experience levels, navigating the ins and outs of OSHA regulations and standards. Given the recent memorandum from OSHA regarding Certificate Enforcement, it’s imperative that all crane operators ensure that their certifications are valid, up-to-date, and issued by an ANSI Accredited Certification Organization.