Could this be the future of Wind Energy?

April 27, 2018 | News


VORTEX developed an innovative wind generator that would represent a break-through in the wind energy sector. This aero-generator is a new paradigm of harnessing wind, with a disruptive technology to generate energy from the wind without blades.

VORTEX is able to capture the wind kinetic energy thanks to the vortex shedding effect, and eventually transforming it into electricity. The technology seeks to optimize aero-generator´s specifications as maintenance and operational requirements, amortization costs, noise, logistics, environmental impact and design whilst producing energy in a secure, clean and efficient way, and 50% cheaper than current small wind turbines (SWT).

VORTEX produces an affordable and cheaper renewable energy for our End-Users: private individuals, general public, households, wind energy cooperatives, energy services companies (ESCOs), manufactures and distributors, businesses, utilities, etc.

VORTEX will deploy a technology suitable to provide a reliable energy, stand-alone or combined with other RES, at several scales (domestic, commercial and utility), with a great impact in those areas where solar energy does not perform well.

VORTEX has yielded excellent results and has captured the industrial and commercial interest. We built a 6-meters wind turbine pilot prototype in Spain, which generates up to 40% of energy solely from wind. The technology is being scaled up from small equipments to medium. Our goal for the Phase 2-SMEInst is to scale-up and test a prototype up to 12,5 meters and 4kW power – enough to power a European household -.

VORTEX would be eventually commercialize and massively produced. VORTEX will provide customers with excellent return on investment within 5 years. Our main goal is to become the designer, manufacturer and seller of the first-ever bladeless wind generator for the Small Wind Market (SWM).

Our technology is backed by a family of patents and by the significantly optimised specifications of the equipment (noise, aesthetics, wildlife impact) when compared to conventional wind turbines. One of our main thrust is the great interest arosed by VORTEX in the general public, local authorities, environmentalists, private investors, wind energy stakeholders, etc. We truly aim to significatly contribute to address EU 2020 energy targets, whilst positioning us as leaders of the sector.

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