Do You Have A Mobile Crane Safety Manual?

July 27, 2021 | Cranes | Safety Training

When a crane is running efficiently, it becomes in tune with the flow of the project making it look simple and easy.  However, due to the high profile of and “coolness” factors of the cranes, it always attracts extra attention and needs to be carefully managed. The Mobile Crane Safety Manual is a tool to ensure your employees are working in a safe and efficient manner while cranes are on the job site by breaking down three main components of crane safety: Proper Crane Set-Up, Qualified personnel roles, and responsibilities, and controlling a safe work environment.  Having a manual referencing this material will ensure you have a solid framework of policy and procedures your employees should follow when a crane is on-site

The following is a small list of items to consider for your Mobile Crane Safety Manual

Scope-Include crane types, wire ropes, and locomotion of which crane types the manual is referencing.

  • Ground Conditions-
    • Ground Bearing Pressures
    • Vaults/Tanks
    • Access
  • Assembly/Disassembly
    • Crew Qualification
    • Space Requirements
  • Power Lines
    • Known voltages
    • OSHA Minimum Approach Distance Requirements
  • Crane Inspections
    • Post Assembly
    • Daily, Monthly, Annual
    • Wire Rope
    • Operational Aids
  • Maintenance
  • Operator Qualifications
  • Rigger and Signalperson Qualifications
  • Lift Director Qualifications
  • Lift Planning
  • Critical Lift Planning
  • Fall Protection
  • Personal Platforms
  • Training Document

The above list is only a sample but is key items that should be addressed in a Mobile Crane Safety Manual.  This manual serves as a guide to your employees on what to look for as well as a document that can ensure building owners that your company takes crane operations seriously.  Please feel free to contact us here at Colorado Crane Operator School to help develop your mobile crane safety manual.

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