OSHA Excludes Monorail Hoists

January 08, 2018 | Blog | Cranes | Industry News | News | News

OSHA has issued special guidance regarding monorail hoists and the applicability of the crane standards found in 1926 Subpart CC.

In its memorandum to all OSHA regional and state plans administrators, OSHA announced that it would not apply Subpart CC to these types of machines. Instead, other OSHA regulations, such as 1926.554 and 1926.21 would be applicable. OSHA further indicated that it intends to engage in future rulemaking to address this type of equipment, but did not detail a specific timeline for such rulemaking.

Monorail (I-Beam) hoists are often found mounted on a commercial truck chassis and used to install precast concrete products.


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