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January 03, 2018 | Blog | Cranes | Industry News | News

Crane Safety Devices Of Today!

Cranes today are built with many safety devices that make the job site a much safer place. There are several electronic devices incorporated in the cranes function to provide safety. One of which is the Anti-Two block device. This device prevents the crane from hoisting the wire rope beyond the tip sheaves of the boom. Without this device the operator could possibly hoist the load block into the sheaves and cause drastic issues, such as dropping the load or damaging the boom. Another safety device built into the crane is High boom function kickouts. The reason for this device is to prevent the operator from lifting the boom past 90 degrees, which in turn prevents the boom from going over backwards. The LMI (Load Moment Indicator), this device is key to helping the operator. Not only does it prevent the operator from lifting a load over its capacity, but also gives the operator crucial information. Such as the radius that the crane is at, what angle the boom is at and what the weight of load that is currently being suspended. Due to all these new safety devices on the crane we have had to develop new ways to inspect these devices to make sure they are functional and operating correctly. These are only a few of the modern devices built into modern day cranes. I can only wait very impatiently to see what the future of cranes will do and who knows maybe one day we will have devices that can levitate the load.

Author: Justin Duckett