NCCCO Written Mobile Crane Operator Exams Now Available in Spanish

May 27, 2020 | Blog | Crane Operator | Industry News | NCCCO

“Is the NCCCO exam available in Spanish?”

This is a question we’ve been hearing from our clients frequently over the years. We are thrilled to announce that now, the answer is finally – YES!

In the spirit of NCCCO’s commitment to refining and evolving their safety mission, NCCCO made the announcement last week:

In compliance with both ANSI accreditation and OSHA Subpart CC regulations, NCCCO is releasing written exams of its flagship mobile crane operator certification program in Spanish. The Spanish-language CCO exams are direct translations of the English-language exams, based on identical content outlines and containing the same number of questions. All exam parameters are the same as the English-language exams, including length of time permitted and passing score required.

First to be made available are the mobile crane operator Core exam along with the Telescopic Boom Crane (Fixed Cab), Telescopic Boom Crane (Swing Cab), and Lattice Boom Crawler Crane (LBC) Specialty exams. All load charts (Manitex Boom Truck, Grove Rough Terrain, and Manitowoc, respectively) are provided in Spanish. NCCCO has also made available an English-Spanish glossary of crane-specific terminology used in the exams to assist candidates and the training community as they prepare candidates for the certification exams.

Colorado Crane Operator School is thrilled at this development and we are looking forward to better serving our community!

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